Het Signaal


Artist:              Dhiradj Ramsamoedj
Title:                Togetherness
Dimensions:   206 x 104 x 33 cm
Medium:         Mixed media wall sculpture (textile,  acrylic, textile glue and wire gride)
Year:                2017

This work of art symbolizes the cultural bond shared by Suriname and French-Guyana. Like the neighbors that they are, the two countries are depicted side by side, and the shape of the piece is therefore determined by the outline of the borders of the two merged countries. Although the whimsical surface created by the hundreds of colorful pieces of textile looks like it might visualize an aerial photograph of the dense tropical rainforest, Ramsamoedj has intended it to symbolize the varied ‘cultural jungle’ of both countries. The two stylized hand-shapes reaching towards each other in the center of the work are symbolic of two brothers who try to find each other on a cultural level. It is for this reason that the hands are made primarily of culturally relevant pieces of cloth. According to Ramsamoedj “Suriname and French-Guyana are developing countries and development brings enlightenment. This is symbolized by the splashes of reflective paint that I have added onto the work. We still have some work to do towards our development, which is why these splashes of enlightenment are not dominant in the artwork.” 

Text by Cassandra Gummels



In My Mind's Eye

A solo exhibition by Dhiradj Ramsamoedj and team Readytex Art Gallery

Achter Onze Ruggen_80cmx113.5cm_acrylic on canvas

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An Outdated Dream_80cmx113.5cm_oil on canvas

Blue Sunny Day_80cmx113.5cm_oil on canvas

Brothers_80cmx113.5cm_acrylic on canvas

Desert of Technology_80cmx113.5cm_oil on canvas

Fate_80cmx113.5cm_acrylic on canvas

Beauty of Innocence_80cmx113.5cm_oil on canvas

Girl with the Red Nose Ring_80cmx113.5cm_oil on canvas

Dinner with My Money_80cmx113.5cm_oil on canvas

Dog Meat Feast_80cmx113.5cm_acrylic on canvas

Enough Already_80cmx113.5cm_acrylic on canvas

Importance of Money_80cmx113.5cm_oil on canvas

Money Love_80cmx113.5cm_oil on canvas

000242_My Best Friend_80cmx113.5cm_oil on canvas

Nature and I_80cmx113.5cm_oil on canvas

Peer pressure_80cmx113.5cm_acrylic on canvas

Playboy_80cmx113.5cm_acrylic on canvas

Player of the Hearts_80cmx113.5cm_acrylic on canvas

Reflection of the Truth_80cmx113.5cm_oil on canvas

Seduction_80cmx113.5cm_oil on canvas

Self Defense_80cmx113.5cm_acrylic on canvas

Selfie March_80cmx113.5cm_oil on canvas

Soldier in Love_80cmx113.5cm_oil on canvas

Squabble_80cmx113.5cm_acrylic on canvas

The Bow_80cmx113.5cm_oil on canvas

The Lone Fisherman_80cmx113.5cm_oil on canvas

The Party_80cmx113.5cm_oil on canvas

The Perfect Mammal_80cmx113.5cm_acrylic on canvas

The Protector_80cmx113.5cm_acrylic on canvas

The Traitor_80cmx113.5cm_oil on canvas

The Victim_80cmx113.5cm_oil on canvas

“If Only…”_80cmx113.5cm_acrylic on canvas

“Sweet Doggy”_80cmx113.5cm_acrylic on canvas

“You Are Beautiful”_80cmx113.5cm_acrylic on canvas